Mission and Vision Statements

Sheriff's Office - Mission Statement

The men and women of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office continue to serve our community with honor, integrity, and commitment to public safety and security. The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office is composed of professionals whose commitment is to control crime, problem solve, reduce the perception of fear and ultimately improve the quality of life by working in a partnership with our citizens. We believe in the Constitution and are committed to providing a safe environment for Pueblo County.

Sheriff's Office - Vision Statement

“One organization comprised of three parts to serve and protect the citizens of Pueblo over ourselves while supporting one another by achieving the best practice in all bureaus.”

Detention Bureau - Mission Statement

The mission of the Pueblo County Detention Facility is to provide community safety through a secure, constitutional detention facility. To accomplish this mission we strive to maintain a safe, clean and secure environment for those incarcerated as well as for our staff. The men and women of this office go beyond traditional custodial care. We provide opportunities in education, health and personal development to help the offender be successful when he or she returns to our community. We are committed to managing our clients in a professional manner, treating all with dignity and respecting their constitutional rights.

Emergency Services Bureau - Mission Statement

To provide all-hazards emergency management services to the citizens and guests of Pueblo County. These services include coordinated mitigation, professional communications, volunteer coordination, preparedness, response, recovery, and public education that constitute comprehensive all-hazards emergency management

Law Enforcement Bureau - Mission Statement

To provide the citizens and guests of Pueblo County with the highest level of safety and security through interaction, education, and response. To serve them in a way that fosters trust, cooperation, and compliance while still demonstrating the utmost respect and compassion for the citizenry of Pueblo County.