Joint Information Center

The Pueblo Community Joint Information Center (JIC) is a physical location where public information personnel gather, verify and coordinate information prior to releasing it to the public and media members. 

Demand for Public Information

A JIC is activated when the demand for public information is so great that one or two public information professionals are unable to keep up with it. A JIC may also be activated when several agencies have the need to release information because an event is too large for one agency to handle. In those cases, it is the intent of the JIC to ensure coordinated information, prioritized messages and the facilitation of a news conferences involving so many agencies.

Joint Information System (JIS)

An integral part of the JIC is the Joint Information System (JIS). The JIS describes the communication links between public information personnel and their command and operation centers. JIS allows the JIC to receive and confirm information so it can be released to the public.

Coordinated Release of Information

The advantage of a JIC is a coordinated release of information from a variety of sources. It minimizes conflicting information, maximizes public information resources and meets the needs of the media. The JIC can provide news briefings and conferences, written statements (fact sheets, releases, etc.), qualified and informed spokespeople and answers to questions from the public and media. The JIC is a one-stop shop for official information during an emergency or disaster.