Court Security / Transportation

Judicial Lobby EntranceOur common goal within the unit is to provide safety and security to all persons, to include staff and public. We have accomplished this by remaining diligent and attentive during the tour of our duty. 


Our court ordered transports include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Colorado Department of Corrections Facilities
  • Colorado Mental Health Institute (CMHIP)
  • Federal Correctional Facilities
  • Sheriffs Detention Facilities
  • Youth Offender Facilities

We have been able to maintain a good working relationship with many of these agencies based on our constant communication and interaction with them. Deputies assigned to the unit are very well versed at knowing the location(s) of many of the facilities, which contributes to a safer and quicker delivery of the inmates we are handling. We are also responsible for transporting detainee/inmates to medical appointments as is deemed necessary by the detention contract medical staff.

Security Duties

The court security aspect of the job requires that deputies ensure safety and security throughout the process. This would include making sure that policy and procedures are adhered to consistently in order to alleviate any future problems from occurring. Deputies are responsible for making sure that safety and security is maintained in the judicial building. It is also imperative that inmates be transported to their respective courts in a timely manner. 

As many of the judges in the Tenth Judicial District would concur, the jobs that our deputies perform are impeccable. The deputies are always responsive to the needs of the judicial staff and public. Another job duty Court Security Deputies are responsible for handling, are the arrests that occur at the Judicial Building and the Probation Department.