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Investigations Division

Investigations consists of four detectives who are assigned general criminal investigations involving crimes against persons and crimes against property; two detectives assigned to the Identification Unit who are responsible for crime scene processing, collection and preservation of evidence and preparing evidence for submission to various laboratories for analysis; two detectives assigned to the High Tech Crime Unit who are responsible for conducting forensic examinations on a wide array of technological devices; conducting criminal investigations involving technology for other law enforcement agencies  in southern Colorado; conducting vehicle processingpro-active on-line criminal investigations, providing community education on Internet safety; one detective assigned to the Pueblo County Detention Bureau for the purpose of conducting criminal investigations occurring within the detention facility; one detective assigned to the Colorado Information Analysis Center who is responsible for the collection and dissemination of pertinent information associated with criminal investigations and homeland security issues affecting southern Colorado; one part-time deputy assigned to Research and Development who is responsible for collecting and analyzing statistical data associated with crime trends and resource distribution efficiency; two civilian staff members who are responsible  for accountability of Pueblo County Registered Sex Offenders, the preparation, maintenance and dissemination of all documents associated with criminal cases forwarded to outside entities; one staff supervisor assigned to manage A Community Organization for Victim’s Assistance (ACOVA) who provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention for those citizens of Pueblo County victimized by either crime or circumstance through the collaborative efforts of two staff members and 25 volunteers, assisting all law enforcement agencies located in the judicial district in complying with the Colorado Victim’s Rights Amendment,  preparing and monitoring of ACOVA grants, recruiting and training of volunteers.

Records is comprised of one Records Custodian who has supervisory responsibility for a staff of four criminal justice records technicians; accountability for all statutory obligations associated with collection, storage and dissemination of all records and documents within the office,  processing of arrest warrants. The Records Division consists of six sections:  Records, Investigations, Civil, Traffic, the Pueblo West Sub Station and Patrol.  There are nine  full time Criminal Justice Technicians:  ~ three are assigned to Records; one to Investigations; two to Civil; one to Traffic; one to the Pueblo West Sub Station and one Criminal Justice Technician assigned to patrol. Records
The Records section maintains records of incidents involving arrests, citations and summonses, and criminal incident reports for the office.  The Records division is responsible for processing all reports relating to all law incidents and ensuring reports are entered into the computer and are complete.  Other tasks include maintaining and filing  all reports; following up; providing the District Attorney's Office with needed documentation for  their  use in prosecutions; preparing documentation for courts and the Department of Revenue; running background checks for fingerprinting and liquor licenses, preparing record requests, in custody letters, and background checks to release to the public and other entities requesting such information; maintaining jail files; releasing law summary reports and daily arrests to the media; registering sex offenders; performing VIN inspections; and sealing records.  The Civil Division is now responsible for warrants; processing new warrants; taking possession from the court via computer, gather all the information from CCIC (Colorado Criminal Information Center), add any new information into the record, and adding a warrant under the person’s name.  They also are responsible for canceling a warrant and sending the paperwork to court.  Records hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  All requests for records must be submitted on a Sheriff's Office Records Request form, filled out completely, and the pecuniary statement signed per CRS 24-72-305.5. There is a $5.00 fee which covers the search and reproduction of the records and the first 10 pages. An additional fee of $.50 will be charged for each additional page thereafter. Costs for reproduction have been approved under CRS 24-72-306

Determination of release of records will be made in accordance with CRS 24-72-305 and PCSO Records Release Policy.  Records are not released immediately upon request, and depending on the type of record requested, can take several days. If a report is still active or has been referred to the District Attorney, it will not be released. A background check provides information on an individual as to when they were booked into the Pueblo County Detention Center and/or charges filed by the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office or the arresting agency. If no arrest history is located, a letter stating such will be sent.  The person’s first and last name and date of birth must be given in order to do the search.  There is a $10.00 fee for a background check.

Burglary RecoveryEvidence/Property is comprised of one Evidence Custodian who has supervisory responsibility for one grade 10 criminal justice records technician. Duties include collecting evidence stored at various locations, logging it in and storing it, getting property back to its owner, and destroying or auctioning the evidence once the case has been concluded. While overseeing the storage of such evidence we often fulfill requests from attorneys and officers to check out evidence for testing at CBI or court purposes. In addition to evidence and property duties we are responsible for office supplies and quartermaster for the entire department as well as all duty equipment such as radios, weapons, ammunition, tazors, cameras, and flashlights.

Civil/Fugitive is responsible for the service of all civil papers received by the Sheriff’s Office, serving in both the city and county of Pueblo. The Civil Section also executes all court orders involving civil process issued by the Courts. The Fugitive Section is responsible for processing warrant information, making warrant arrests and for arranging fugitive transportation for out of state inmates. This section is staffed with one sergeant, three detectives and two criminal justice technicians.

Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard team is led by Sergeant Gerald Russell, under the supervision of Captain Jeffrey Teschner. This is one of the longest standing units of the PCSO being formulated over twenty three years ago. Currently, the team has 18 members: 3 teams of 5. 1 honorary member, 1 team leader and 1 supervisor. This team attends numerous events inside and outside of Pueblo County. Memorable events included funeral services for passing officers and firemen.



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