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Don't open attachments!

  • One of the best ways to prevent virus infections is not to open attachments, especially when dangerous viruses are being actively circulated. Even if the e-mail is from a known source, be careful. A few viruses take the mailing lists from an infected computer and send out new messages with its destructive payload attached. Always scan the attached files first for viruses.

  • Unless it's a file or an image you are expecting, delete it.

Stay Informed

Get Protected

  • If you don't already have virus-protection software on your machine, you should. If you are a home or individual user, you should download the latest anti-virus software for your personal computer. If you're on a network, check with your network administrator first.

  • Scan your system regularly. If you're just loading anti-virus software for the first time, it's a good idea to let it scan your entire system. It's better to start with your PC clean and free of virus problems. Often the anti-virus program can be set to scan each time the computer is rebooted or on a periodic schedule. Some will scan in the background while you are connected to the Internet. Make it a regular habit to scan for viruses.

  • Update your anti-virus software. Now that you have virus protection software installed, make sure it is up to date. Some anti-virus protection programs have a feature that will automatically link to the Internet and add new virus detection code whenever the software vendor discovers a new threat.


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