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We investigate crimes where computers are used to commit illegal acts, including Internet crimes against children. Our goal is to identify, investigate, arrest and convict those involved in high-tech crimes. Our trained officers can also speak to your business group or organization about common computer crimes and prevention measures. Commonly requested speech topics include network and personal computer security software, Internet safety, and how businesses can work with law enforcement in reporting computer crimes.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office HTCU members have a comprehensive knowledge of application software, utility programs, Internet environments, computer operating systems, and multi-user and networked environments; or have access to experts who can help in these areas.


    The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office HTCU’s mission is to investigate complex computer crimes, including Internet Crimes Against Children; assist with regional investigations and computer forensics; train investigators; disseminate information to the public; and to proactively work to identify computer criminals to prevent future crimes.


    The Pueblo HTCU responds to complaints from citizens about computer-related crimes, advises other agencies about Internet and computer-related investigations, and provides forensic support for agencies that do not possess this in-house capability.
    Typical cases include Internet fraud, theft, threats and harassment, child pornography, enticement of a child, sexual exploitation of children, and hacking-intrusions.
    In addition to the computer crime cases conducted by HTCU to support sheriff’s office investigations, many hours are devoted to supporting other law enforcement agencies in their high-tech investigations. Not only does this help out smaller (and even larger) agencies that do not have trained personnel to do this work, but it provides very valuable training to Pueblo sheriff’s officers, who then bring much more depth and breadth to their sheriff’s office computer crime investigations.
    The Pueblo County Sheriff's HTCU has also partnered with the Colorado Springs Police Department in spearheading the Colorado Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The Colorado Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has arrested numerous men who prey on young boys and girls in chat rooms and through instant-messaging.


    Investigating Internet child pornography and solicitation of children for sex requires specialized training, equipment, and standard investigative methods that will stand up in court. Ten jurisdictions across the country were awarded grants from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Programs in the first year of funding (1998), among them a task force including the Colorado Springs Police Department and Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. Today, there are 45 such OJJDP-funded task forces operating around the country.
    In a one to two-hour presentation Sheriff's Detectives will speak to the threat, planning a response, special cyber tools and technology, and other ways to protect children from harm in cyberspace. They will explain the specific pattern of development of sexual exploitation online -- from fantasy to gratification through pornography, voyeurism to contact, and finally face-to-face meetings that put our sons and daughters in great danger.
    Sheriff Detectives make 30 to 40 presentations yearly to groups in the community (students, concerned parents, other law enforcement officers, victims advocates, to name a few) on Colorado Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force operations and computer crime and the threat it poses. In addition, they do home visits with families when it becomes clear that an underage child in that home has been subjected to threats, harassment or sexual overtures over the Internet.

To schedule a presentation, contact:

    The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office HTCU at 719.583.4736
    Also can be reached by e-mail: htcu@co.pueblo.co.us



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