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Writ of Restitution

The Sheriff's Office responsibilities at the time of Eviction:

The Deputy will stand by to keep the peace.
  • The Deputy will supervise the move out and see that it is done in a peaceful manner. The deputy will oversee until the eviction is complete.
  • The Deputy will restore the property back to the Landlord/Agent following the completion of the eviction.
  • Once the Writ of Restitution is complete, Deputy will post a "No Trespassing Sign" as well as a copy of the Order.

Note: Any questions regarding storage of property, landlord liens, etc. must be handled through YOUR attorney. Colorado State Statute 30-10-520 STRICTLY prohibits Deputies from giving legal advice.

Requirements of the Landlord:

      If the Tenant moves out:
  • The Landlord/Agent needs to contact the Sheriff's Office 583-6405, to cancel the eviction at least 24 Hours before the scheduled time. Failure to do so will result in loss of fees for execution.

      If the Tenant FAILS to move out:

  • The landlord/Agent must meet the Officers at the property on the scheduled date and time. In the event that the Landlord/Agent is running late, notification should be made to the Sheriff's Office and the Deputy will only wait 10 minutes (583-6405).
  • The Landlord/Agent must provide a crew large enough to remove the Tenant's property within 1 hour (no longer than 2 hours) and be ready to begin on the scheduled date and time.  If the Landlord/Agency does not provide enough manpower to complete the eviction in allotted time, then the Deputy can reschedule the eviction at the Landlord/Agent's expense.
  • If the eviction time exceeds two hours the landlord will be subjected to additional fees (C.R.S. 30-1-104)

Landlord should be prepared to:

  • Change the locks as soon as possible after restoration of the property.
  • Bring large plastic trash bags (or boxes).
  • Plastic Gloves.
  • There should be no breaks or lunch breaks during the execution of the order.
  • Water Beds - Be prepared to have a water bed pump for draining.


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