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The Office of Emergency Management was formally the Civil Defense Agency.   The Civil Defense Agency was created in Pueblo County on April 19, 1951.  Though the agency’s name has been changed a few times throughout its history, the mission has remained the same, which is to provide all-hazards emergency management services to the citizens and guests of Pueblo County.  These services include coordinated mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and public education that constitute all-hazards comprehensive emergency management.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) plans continuously so the impact of a disaster will be minimal in our community.The Pueblo County Operations Plan, written by the Civil Defense in 1984, was completely revised and updated by OEM in 1995 and is updated annually, as needed.  Included are details explaining how various agencies will collectively respond to a disaster in Pueblo County. For more information on the Pueblo County Emergency Operations Plan, contact Karen Ashcraft, OEM Coordinator.

During a disaster, it will be difficult for OEM and other response agencies to provide immediate help to everyone.  That is why it is important for individuals to prepare themselves and their families. Read more about preparing and dealing with a disaster on the Disaster Preparedness page where you'll find our Disaster Supplies Kit, commonly known as the 72-Hour Kit, and safety tips and information on specific hazards. OEM also produces and distributes the Rural Living Brochure. It is a guide to help those new to rural living know what to expect, how to prepare, and offers phone numbers to resources available to them. To download a copy, click the image below.

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