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Outdoor Warning System

The Outdoor Warning System consists of 20 outdoor warning units located on and around the Pueblo Chemical Depot. The units are used to alert and notify the public of emergencies, such as a chemical accident at PCD, a locally sighted tornado or a hazardous materials spill, in northeast Pueblo County. Each unit consists of a pole, mounted with a stacked array of 20 omni-directional speakers, 50 feet above ground. Units can be activated individually, as a total group or inOutdoor Siren separate groups from a central control panel. Control Panels are located in several locations: PCD Fire Station, PCD Operations Center, Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Communication Center and the Pueblo Police Department Communications Center. Each control panel location is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Outdoor Warning System is an outdoor system, meaning all units are located outdoors. When an emergency arises, each unit will emit a 120 decibel tone for 30 seconds. After the tone, a verbal message will be broadcast in English and Spanish, whenever possible. Regardless of the emergency, the voice message will instruct individuals to go indoors and turn on the radio or television to receive more information. Three separate tones are emmitted from the system: test, emergency and attack (click on the link to hear samples of the tones). To become familiar with the distinct sound of each tone, call the Outdoor Warning System Information Line: 719.583.3072.

Routine testing of the devices ensures that they will work when they are needed. The testing schedule will meet routine maintenance requirements without affecting individuals living near a device. The testing schedule is listed below:

Silent Test: Twice a day at 7 AM & 7 PM. A series of 12 low tones are emitted through the speakers over a 30 second period. All elements of the equipment are tested without emitting the full 120 decibel tone.

Growl Test: Once per month, at Noon, on the 2nd Monday.  All elements of the equipment are tested without emitting the full 120 decibel tone.   

Full Test: Once per year at Noon in conjunction with the Annual CSEPP Community Exercise.  The next exercise will be on Wednesday, May 8, 2013.  The full 120 decibel tone and message will be emitted.

NOTE:  Throughout the year, the devices located at the Pueblo Chemical Depot will be activated at various times of the day.



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