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Pueblo County Detention Facility

The Security Division encompasses three major sections: Custody, Intake/Booking, and Inmate Property. These sections account for 3 Lieutenants, 10 Sergeants, and 120 Deputies and Civilian Clerks.

The Custody section is responsible for the safety and security of all persons being held in one of three categories:

  • Pre-sentence detainees are held until posting bail or until adjudicated by the courts.
  • Sentenced inmates for misdemeanors are housed for up to two years.
  • Courtesy holds are housed for short terms for other counties, other states, and
    in some cases for federal agencies.

Deputies in the Custody section manage the day-to-day operation of the jail facility to include random cell checks and searches, serving food trays, delivering mail, and enforce facility rules and the laws of the State of Colorado.

The Intake/Booking section is responsible for receiving all persons who are brought into the custody of the sheriff. These deputies and civilian clerks process the legal paperwork related to the arrest, fingerprint, photo, and interview for the initial classification and medical needs of each arrestee. This area is also responsible for releasing all of the persons held in custody once their case(s) have been completed whether that is to the community or to another agency. They do many other things as well like managing the inmate visitation (www.securustech.net/videovisitation) system and the inmate cash accounts (link to https://www.ezreleasekiosk.com/EZMoneyLoad_Remote/Default.aspx) system.

The Inmate Property section is responsible for property storage and supplies. All of the belongings that a person has when arriving at the jail are inventoried and stored until the person is released. Each person who is moved to custody from intake is issued a variety of items like a jail uniform, bedding, and basic hygiene items. Indigent inmates may also receive additional hygiene items like shampoo and materials for writing letters.

The Security Division also includes several associated task areas like new deputy on-the-job training programs, facility cleaning, criminal intelligence gathering, and tactical operations.

Here are some FAQ's about the Pueblo County Detention Center.

Q: What is the mailing address to send an inmate a letter?

A: Pueblo County Detention Center

Inmate’s Full Name
909 Court Street
Pueblo, CO 81003

Q: What kinds of things can and can’t be mailed to an inmate?

A: This list is not all inclusive, just samples:

Can be sent in:
   o Regular Letters
   o Post Cards
   o Greeting cards
   o Money Orders
   o Photos ON photo paper

Can’t be sent in:
   o Food
   o Foreign substances on the paper like lipstick or crayon
   o Books or magazines
   o Photos NOT on photo paper
   o No glue or tape

Q: Send care packages to your loved one at the Pueblo County Detention Center order at:
Q:   pueblopackages.com or 1-800-546-6283

Q: When can I visit someone who is in custody?

      Visits will not be defined by alphabet or housing location – they are only limited by the three-visit per week for in-house visiting and can be limited by us for segregation areas
      • Visits will be open from 8am to 10pm every day – later we may build in breaks for headcount
      • Visitors can schedule a visit from our lobby or from any internet-connected device on the Securus website
      • Appointments in our visit room must be registered one-hour prior to the start of the visit
      • Appointments for remote visiting must be registered 24-hours prior to the visit
      • When scheduling an on-site visit the person is given a visit station number and a PIN code to be able to access the visit when it starts
      • Reception no longer needs to set-up or connect visits – this is done by the system

      Q: I have to turn myself in to serve a sentence, what can I bring with me?

      A: Essentially, as little as possible.

      • Legal paperwork
      • Glasses
      • Dental appliances
      • Medical supplies (brace, crutches, etc)
      • List of currently prescribed medications (Medications are not accepted)
      • Cash

      Q: How do I bond someone out of jail?

      A: Cash or Surety Bond

      Cash bond, follow link to
           o https://www.ezreleasekiosk.com/EZMoneyLoad_Remote/Default.aspx

      Surety bond, you will need contact a private bail bondsman
          (see yellow pages)

      Q: How can I find out if someone is in custody?

      A: Follow this link to:

      How do I give money to an inmate in custody?

      A: Follow this link to:

      How do I find out someone’s charges and bond?

      A: Follow this link to:

            How do I report sexual abuse and or sexual harassment on behalf of an inmate?

              Click here


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    Pueblo, CO  81003
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