What are the requirements for a concealed weapon permit and how do I apply?

Requirements for applicants include:

  • Be a resident of Pueblo County, maintain a secondary residence, or have a business within the county.
  • Be at least twenty-one years of age or older or is at least 18 years of age if seeking a temporary, emergency permit
  • Must be able to successfully complete extensive background investigations
  • Submit proof of completion of a firearm safety or training course or class
  • Provide a copy of current Colorado driver’s license, Colorado identification or Military identification and duty orders


An application can be printed (PDF) or can be picked up at either of the following locations:

  • Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
    909 Court Street
    Pueblo, CO 81003 
  • Pueblo County Sheriff's Office-Pueblo West Substation
    320 E Joe Martinez Boulevard
    Pueblo West, CO 81007

Upon completion of the application, you must call the number listed on the application to schedule an appointment to have your picture and fingerprints taken.

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