Inmate Labor Program

Work Release is currently located at:
Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo
1600 W 24th Street
Building 106
Pueblo, CO  81003

Staff & Crews

We currently house 40 Work Release clients and 40 Labor Crew clients who are housed in two separate wings. We currently are staffed by one Sergeant, eight work release deputies, one work release coordinator, and three labor crew deputies. Deputies at the Work Release site are responsible for the safety and security of the inmates housed here as well as the state hospital clients and the surrounding community. 

These safety provisions include the monitoring of the work locations of both work release clients and the labor crews that go out of the facility daily. The crews go out with both trained supervisors in the private sector as well as certified deputies that take out six-member crews to do work in the city and county of Pueblo. This also includes a female labor crew of six and a deputy.

Work Release Functions

The Work Release location is self-contained in that they coordinate all of the following functions in collaboration with the main facility:

  • Classification
  • Intake and Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Medical
  • Property

Job Check Deputy

We also have one job check deputy that provides daily job checks to assure that each work release client is at the assigned work employment site. This deputy makes unannounced visits to each client's worksite and coordinates with employers to prevent interruptions. Many of the contacts often turn into positive contacts for future employment prospects. Deputies coordinate work assignments with employers to monitor clients work-related behavior. Schedules are provided by the employer and client to assure clients assignments and locations.

Work Release Coordinator

The Work Release Coordinator is responsible for the clients from the application process through the beginning, middle, and end of each inmate's tour in work release. This includes coordinating with the job check deputy on:

  • Communication with the Court System
  • Court-Ordered Programs
  • Employers
  • Inmate Inquiries Concerning Family Needs
  • Interviews
  • Job Information
  • Paperwork Processing
  • Probation
  • Weekly Financial Data


Work Release has an average of 155 inmates per year with a financial gain of $120,000 a year in fees. These monies are placed back into Pueblo County for use in inmate programs and other work projects causing less of a financial burden on taxpayers. 


We currently have 15 private sector civilian supervisors that are trained by work release deputies. This training includes all phases of inmate management and procedures and includes a 4 hour course pertaining to inmate safety and security. These supervisors run labor crews in such areas as the:

  • Colorado State Fair
  • Harp River Walk
  • Pueblo City and County Golf Courses
  • Pueblo City Parks and County Recreation
  • Pueblo County Court House
  • Pueblo County Maintenance Facilities
  • Pueblo Police Department
  • Pueblo Transit

Labor Hours

We also have three labor crew deputy supervisors who take out six member crews to work in both city and county venues. Deputy led labor crew's average eighty inmates a year. In 2009 from January 1, to December 31, we accrued 40,067 total inmate hours with 1,406 total inmate crew members used. This totaled a contribution of $291,688.14 returned to the taxpayers in labor work.