Pueblo County Hazard Mitigation

The Pueblo County Hazard Mitigation Plan serves to identify the natural hazards within the County and the risk they pose to the people and places. In addition, the plan outlines the actions or measures officials will take to reduce or eliminate the long-term risks associated with those hazards. 

For any comments or questions please contact the Emergency Management Coordinator at 719-583-6203.

Current (2017) Hazard Mitigation Plan

Pueblo County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (2023)

Pueblo County, in collaboration with local municipalities, special districts, and other community organizations, is updating the 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan develops community mitigation strategies to work towards reducing the risks posed by hazards. FEMA must update and approve the plan every five years to keep it current and maintain eligibility for hazard mitigation grant assistance.

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