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August 7, 2015
Man Arrested for Selling Marijuana to Minors

Aug. 7, 2015 – An investigation into the illegal sale of marijuana to juveniles began late July, 2015.   Detectives from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations & Narcotics (S.I.N.) Unit received tips of marijuana being sold to juveniles near the mobile home community in Pueblo West. 

 During the investigation, detectives observed numerous vehicles arrive to an address in the 200 block of E. Homer Dr.  Occupants of the vehicles would go into the home, return to the vehicle and leave within minutes of arriving. 

 On Aug. 6, 2015, Sheriff’s deputies and detectives contacted two juvenile occupants of a vehicle which had left the residence.  After speaking with the juveniles, detectives were able to corroborate the tips they had been investigating.  Based on this information and previously gathered evidence, a search warrant was obtained.  Upon executing the search warrant of the residence contact was made with the homeowner, John McBride (52 yo, male) who was taken into custody for the following charges:

 1: CRS 18-18-406(7)(a)                    Distribution of Marijuana to a minor                     DF4

2: CRS 18-6-701                                Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor         F4

3: CRS 18-8-103                                Resisting Arrest                                                     2M

4: CRS 18-18-407(1)(d)(II)               Special Offender                                                    SE

 Approximately six (6) ounces of dried marijuana material, marijuana concentrate, and hashish were seized, along with 1 handgun, 2 shotguns and 1 rifle.  Detectives noted large quantities of small denomination currency, which they believe is common to the distribution of narcotics, adding up to approximately $7,500.00 in cash. 

 “Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Colorado, the personal growing and/or selling of marijuana through unregulated supply is illegal and can create easy access to individuals and juveniles who do not or could not buy recreational marijuana through legal means.”  Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor said.

 ###McBrideHomer Dr.



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June 24, 2015
Person Offering Marijuana On-line Arrested After Undercover Operation

Adrian_MorrisetteJune 24, 2015: The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit in conjunction with the Pueblo Police Department Narcotics Unit began an undercover operation targeting the illicit sale of marijuana in the City and County of Pueblo this morning.  The operation was aimed at persons using internet social media platforms to advertise both marijuana and marijuana concentrate.  Prior to the operation undercover detectives found ads on the popular private sales site Craigslist, advertising the exchange of the drug for “donations”. After contacting the advertiser, investigators obtained a search warrant for the city address where the exchange was set to take place.

Narcotics Special Operations Teams were un-able to search the home at the 1200 Block of Bohmen initially, because of a strong chemical smell inside the residence.  Investigators backed out of the property, some suited up into personal protective equipment, and the City of Pueblo Fire Department was called in to check for hazardous materials.  After finding trace amounts of Sulfur present, the units on scene worked to render the property safe. Once inside, they discovered an elaborate grow operation containing hundreds of marijuana plants. Also in the home was dried marijuana packaged in amounts consistent with the sale of the product.

Investigators arrested 40-year-old, Adrian Morrisette for distribution of marijuana. 

“The high number of plants and the way the material was packaged, combined with the advertisements found on-line make it highly suspect this marijuana was just for personal use”, said PCSO Bureau Chief David Lucero, “This is a regulated industry for a reason. This is a criminal offense on the purchasers end too and a big chance to take. You can’t evaluate the intentions of a stranger, and because there is a possibility that the marijuana could be tainted the risk involved is just far too high.  Another concern is the neighborhoods where these grow operations occur and the chemicals these suspects may be using that place them, their neighbors and first responders at risk.”

A second person was at the address but has not been charged at this time.

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May 13, 2015
Two Men Identified in Last Night’s Shooting

Pueblo, CO — Pueblo County Coroner Brian Cotter released the names of the two men involved in the May 11 shooting in the 2700 block of Little Burnt Mill Rd. in Pueblo County.

Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office investigators determined the shooting to be a homicide and suicide.  Suspect and deceased 32 year old male, Jeremie Klose, from Quseta, New Mexico apparently shot and killed 42 year old male, Joseph Jensen, from San Luis, Colorado, before killing himself. 

A woman and a small child were in the residence at the time of the incident and were not harmed.    

At this time no motive has been confirmed, however suspected substance abuse and mental illness could have played a role.  After numerous interviews with family members, it is believed the suspect’s mental state over the past few weeks reportedly deteriorated and investigators continue to work toward possible causes for this sad event. 

It is unknown if the medical marijuana grow of over 400 plants was a factor but the weapon used is suspected to belong to one of the deceased men.  Both men are reported to have lived at the residence.

No charges will be filed in this case.    


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February 12, 2015
Marijuana Seized from Avondale Home

February 12, 2015: Late Tuesday night Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Deputies followed-up on a tip of a possible excessive marijuana grow at 38000 block of Bush Rd in Avondale, CO.  The property owner, 45-year-old Mario Gonsalves told deputies he was growing medical marijuana for himself but admitted the number of plants he had on the property were more than the amount he was permitted by law.

After obtaining a search warrant, over 600 marijuana plants were found, that number far exceeded the permissible plant number of 75 that had been allotted to Gonsalves by doctors. Deputies also discovered 75-100 pounds of dried marijuana material.  Several pounds of the marijuana appeared to be packaged for distribution either in one pound bulk, or in smaller quantities in glass jars with the strain name printed on a label. The estimated value of the dried marijuana is roughly $25,000 with another $150,000 in plants found on the property.

Gonsalves said he was growing marijuana for a friend out of state but upon investigation, deputies discovered the other person’s medical card still did not account for the high quantities found, much of it hidden, on the property.  Gonsalves told deputies he moved from Connecticut to the Pueblo area in 2014 to start a marijuana grow business.  Gonsalves could not provide the necessary documentation to prove he was a licensed marijuana caregiver, which put the amount of marijuana plants found in his home far beyond Colorado’s felony charges threshold.
In addition, three firearms were discovered in the residence. Gonsalves was arrested for Possession w/ the Intent to Manufacture (50lbs or more) and Marijuana Cultivation (more than 30 plants), both are felony charges.  A $5,000 bond has been set.

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February 6, 2015
26 Year-Old Arrested for Attempted Homicide

February 5, 2015: Just after 10pm on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to simultaneous reports of shots fired in the area of 27th Lane and Huerfano Road.  The first call came from a home owner on Huerfano Road who said a red car pulled up to the locked gate at the end of her driveway and fired several times toward the house.  Shortly after, the 28-year-old driver of a red Charger called 911 and reported his car was shot at while he was pulled along 27th lane attempting to get directions to a friend’s house.
As deputies made contact with the home owner, they spoke to 26- year-old Taggard Rieke who admitted to firing the shots but insisted he fired only at dirt and not at the vehicle.  Rieke admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking before repeatedly firing the AR-15 he had in his possession. He explained the family had been having problems with a different individual over marijuana and, when he travelled the quarter mile down the driveway to fire the shots, he believed it was those people.
While interviewing the two occupants of the car, deputies saw 2 bullet holes and a broken window on the red Dodge Charger.  The driver said he and a friend were looking for a party they were invited to on 27th lane but had gotten lost on the county road.  While looking for a spot to access the internet from their cellular phones, they pulled to the shoulder.  He said they were there only a short time when a vehicle came up from behind them and fired several shots, some of those shots hit the car they were sitting in.

Deputies searched the car and interviewed the driver and passenger but were unable to find any evidence confirming Rieke’s accounting that a gun had been fired from inside the vehicle.
Rieke was arrested and is charged with:
• 2 counts attempted 2nd degree murder
• 2 counts menacing with a deadly weapon
• Illegal discharge of a firearm
• Prohibited use of a weapon

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February 2, 2015
20 Year-old Arrested for Attempted Murder of Roommate

Jacob_JankeFebruary 2, 2015: Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) deputies have arrested 20-year old Jacob Janke for Attempted 1st Degree Murder, Assault, and Attempted Vehicular Assault.  The arrest occurred Saturday morning after Janke reportedly tried to kill his 18-year-old roommate, Austin Tanner.  According to the victim, the attempt came by surprise after the two had spent the evening in Colorado Springs.

Tanner told deputies that just before 7:00 am, Janke pulled over near the railroad tracks along I-25 near mile post 108 to smoke marijuana.  The two were standing outside the car when, without provocation, Janke stabbed him in the neck.  Then as Tanner was fleeing on foot, Janke tried running him over with the car.  Tanner managed to run to the Interstate where he flagged down a passing motorist who dialed 911.

Colorado State Patrol and Burlington Northern Railroad personnel were close by and stayed with the victim until Pueblo West Fire Department could provide critical medical care.  Tanner was transported to a local hospital while PCSO deputies searched the area where the incident occurred and went to the home in the city the two shared.  Janke was found there and arrested without incident.

He is being held at Pueblo County Detention Facility on a $500,000 bond.


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January 30, 2015
Early Morning Search Warrant Leads to Multiple Arrests

Pueblo, CO: Thursday, January 29, 2015 just after 6 am, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) served a search warrant on a house at the 1600 Block of East 2nd St. The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit, Sheriff’s Detectives and a K-9 deputy arrived at the home to find nearly $20,000 in narcotics.  The illegal substances included over 170 grams of Heroin, 34 grams of Methamphetamine, 2 grams of Cocaine, and a small amount of Crack Cocaine. Also discovered were guns, knives, cash, Marijuana (within recreational limits) and various drug paraphernalia.

The early morning raid was initiated after Sheriff’s detectives received citizen tips about the activities going on at the home.  Those same detectives spent time surveilling the property, confirmed the likelihood of drug trafficking at the residence, and were able to obtain a search warrant.  After breaching the scene, deputies found one of the eight people inside attempting to dispose of the drugs by flushing them down the toilet.  34-year-old Dallas Gaulding was unsuccessful in his attempt and the drugs were recovered. Of the other occupants two were arrested for charges associated with the bust, two on unrelated warrants, and three were questioned and released.

Arrested were:

34-year-old Dallas Gaulding: Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance w/ Intent to Distribute, Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance w/ Intent to Distribute (x2), Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance (x2), Special Offender, Possession of an Illegal Weapon, Protection Order Violation (x12)

31-year-old Daniel Lowell: Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance w/ Intent to Distribute, Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance w/Intent to Distribute, Special Offender

20-year-old Tasha Kerr: Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance w/ Intent to Distribute, Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance w/Intent to Distribute

41-year-old William Gonzales and 23-year-old Louie Leal both on unrelated warrants

The PCSO Narcotics Unit continue their efforts, often times relying on tips from the public to strengthen their investigation.  Anyone with information regarding illegal drug activity is encouraged to call Pueblo Crimestoppers at 542-STOP (7867) or their local law enforcement agency.

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August 4, 2014
Early Morning Armed Robbery at Local Marijuana Dispensary

August 4, 2014: Just before 7:00 AM this morning, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call at the Cannasseur Marijuana Dispensary on N. Precision Dr. in Pueblo West.  The caller reported a man had just forced an employee into the business at gunpoint and other employees were believed to be inside the building.  Deputies immediately responded and the PCSO Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team was called out.  While the suspect was inside the building he bound the hands of employees, ripped the phones from the wall, and took a large amount of marijuana/THC products.  Deputies quickly and quietly surrounded the building.  When the man ran from the store, he was forced onto the ground at gunpoint and taken into custody without incident by patrol deputies.

Arrested was 40-year-old Texas resident, David Lopez.  Lopez was armed with a fully loaded (30 round magazine) 9mm Glock pistol.  The stolen items were still in his possession.  Deputies discovered a vehicle parked at a nearby business with the license plates concealed.  It is believed the vehicle was parked there by Lopez as a getaway car. Deputies have learned Lopez has been spotted at least two other marijuana dispensaries in Pueblo West. Precision Dr. was closed during the incident but has since re-opened.

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor credits both the awareness of the 911 caller and the quick response of the deputies with the peaceful resolution. “This could have very easily escalated  into a deadly situation,” says Taylor, “this suspect was heavily armed and had carefully planned his crime but because of the witnesses quick call into 911 and the rapid response by communications and patrol, the entire event was over in just over 30 minutes.”
Lopez is being booked into Pueblo County Jail on multiple felony charges, including False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery, and Menacing.

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January 30, 2014
Springs Man Arrested while Attempting to Sell Marijuana to Pueblo Shop

January 30, 2014: PCSO Undercover Narcotics Officers arrested 56-year-old Thomas Randal Salsman on Wednesday, January 29th after Salsman attempted to sell marijuana to at least one of the Pueblo County Marijuana Shops.  Salsman is a resident of Colorado Springs who admitted to having a grow operation for over two decades.
Marijuana shops and dispensaries are both strictly prohibited from purchasing marijuana from anyone who isn’t licensed by the state.  State licensing is designed to keep contaminated products from entering the shops so “back-door” sales are illegal. Salsman is not a licensed grower and his intent to distribute to the shops is a felony.
To apprehend Salsman, detectives used an undercover sting operation and the help of a local dispensary.  During the arrest PCSO seized 18 ounces of marijuana and a .45 caliber handgun, both were recovered inside his vehicle.  Today deputies served a search warrant on his Colorado Springs home and confiscated another 20 ounces of marijuana.   The combined value of the drugs is in excess of $15,000.
Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor is disconcerted because the suspect came from another community specifically to commit his crime in our county. “For now this is a scenario that is unique to Pueblo County but as more communities permit marijuana shops it will happen more frequently.  The job of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office and the recently appointed regulatory officer will be to ensure that the next person to try and commit this crime isn’t successful either.” says Taylor.
Salsman is being held in Pueblo County Detention Facility charged with:
Possession with Intent to Distribute Class 3 Felony
Possession of more than 12 oz Class 4 Felony
Special Offender

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January 17, 2014
Search Warrant Yields Big Results

January 17, 2014: On Thursday, January 2nd, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit and SWAT Team served a search warrant at two homes on a property at the 6200 Block of Highway 78 West. That warrant continues to yield big results. Recovered in the search on that day was over three ounces of methamphetamine, a stolen truck, a stolen 4-wheeler, a stolen weapon, and the tools needed to package large amounts of methamphetamines. Detectives arrested 60-year-old Steve Tuttle, and drafted warrants for (and later arrested) 23-year-old Billy Soto, and 51-year-old Jeffery Hannah. The search took 24 hours to complete because it required a thorough examination of the pipes and septic tank of the home after the suspects attempted to flush the narcotics into their sewer.

Information obtained during that search led the same Narcotics and SWAT members to serve a new warrant on an adjacent property yesterday, January 16th. Recovered were two stolen Ford pick-up trucks and three stolen 4-wheelers. The recovered vehicles are from Pueblo, El Paso, and Bent counties. Also recovered were miscellaneous drug paraphernalia, an excessively large quantity of marijuana (well outside the legally permissible limits), methamphetamines, and stolen property that included four wire feed-welders, an arc welder, an acetylene torch set, a commercial tapper/compactor, and several power tools. Yesterday deputies arrested three additional people; 60-year-old James Medina and his 29-year-old son Jessie Medina along with 49-year-old Jerri Halley.

The result from these searches doesn’t end there. After being advised of one of the Ford pick-ups recovered at the scene, the Pueblo Police Department responded to the area and obtained a search warrant of their own. Evidence found has tied this property to recent burglaries in the Pueblo community.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor was present during the search. “We recovered over $70,000 in stolen property here, just one of these trucks is valued at $40,000. These narcotics and SWAT personnel are quiet dedicated professionals who work hard, ask for little, and get the job done. They certainly demonstrated that during the investigations into these properties and these individuals.” says Taylor.

Deputies are still looking for 37-year-old Leslie Miller-Acosta. She has a $75,000 warrant for possession and intent to distribute charges as well as a special offender charge. The investigation is on-going, Pueblo Police Department and Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office were at the scene late into the day searching for and clearing items that may have been reported stolen. Additional arrests and/or charges are likely to follow.

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