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January 11, 2006
You Will Now Be Charged When You Are Arrested And Booked

Pueblo County Sheriff, Dan Corsentino announced on Wednesday that crime doesn’t pay, but everyone who is arrested and booked into County Jail beginning on February 12, 2006, will pay. Sheriff Corsentino explained that in about a month, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office will be in conformity with state statues and county resolution 05-46 regarding the increases in fees at the Sheriff’s Office. This includes, what was once a one dollar fee when you were arrested and booked in County Jail has now become a $30 fee.

All fee’s collected by the Sheriff’s Office are set forth by the County Commissioners. Next month, if you are arrested and booked in County Jail, and have $35.00 in your wallet or purse, you will immediately surrender thirty dollars for a booking fee. If you bond out soon after being arrested, you will be leaving jail with $30.00 less in your pocket. If the $30 fee isn’t paid at the time of booking, then any money deposited on the arrestee’s books, (a personal money account of the detainee/inmate’s while in the custody of County Jail) will go to the fee until it is paid in full. Individuals who are indigent are not exempt from this state law.

Individuals, who are found not guilty of the crime they were arrested on, or have their case dropped by the District Attorney, will be reimbursed the $30 booking fee. It is the responsibility of the individual to provided documentation from the courts which must be presented to the Sheriff’s Office, and once investigated and found to be accurate, a check will be sent to that individual reimbursing them for the booking fee.

Paying a booking fee when arrested is nothing new in other counties of Colorado. Some counties have enforced the state statute since it was amended in July of 2004, and more counties are coming online all the time.

The revenues generated from the booking fees is also directed by the state, and will be divided as follows:

20% will go to administer a community-based treatment program for the treatment of offenders with mental illness or an addiction.

20% will go for training for the sheriff and deputy sheriffs and other local law enforcement officers, which training may include a crisis intervention training component to meet the needs of offenders with mental illness.

The balance of the revenues generated annually from the fee for law-enforcement-related expenditures to defray the costs of processing prisoners into and out of custody.

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