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June 25, 2012
Stage II Fire and High Fire Danger Restrictions Placed in Pueblo County

June 25, 2012; Effective 5:00 PM today Pueblo County will go into Stage II Fire Restrictions. The move is based on the empirical data that has been evaluated daily at the Sheriff’s Office and is compared to federal fire restriction guidelines. Over the last six days this data has changed significantly and now compels Pueblo County Sheriff, Kirk M. Taylor, to act immediately to protect the community.

City of Pueblo Fire Chief Christopher P. Riley is placing similar restrictions in the city. He is taking this opportunity to instate Pueblo’s “High Fire Danger” status. “In light of current fire activities around the state, including our neighbors in Colorado Springs, the empirical data confirms that our city is under an extreme level of fire danger.” City of Pueblo Fire Chief Christopher P. Riley added, “The current projections show no relief of these extreme conditions in the foreseeable future. We always consider the safety of our citizens to be our prime concern when making an important decision such as this. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated”.

Effective at 5:00 PM today – Stage II and High Fire Danger restrictions include:
1. No outdoor welding. (per site authorization required)
2. No outdoor smoking. (city exemption if you are in non-combustible clearing or designated smoking area)
3. No fireworks SALE or use. (3 Community Displays have received written exemption)
4. Spark arresters required on all terrain vehicles.
5. No Recreational Burning (to include enclosed fires such as chiminea’s or backyard fireplaces, barrels, and pits)
6. No Charcoal Grills. (*propane grilling is still permitted)
7. No Campfires or Agricultural Burns.
*Penalties will include fines, confiscations, and mandatory court appearances.

Sheriff Taylor, said, “The conditions on the ground turned 180 degrees in less than a week. I am reinforcing to the citizens and guests of Pueblo the fire danger is far too high to take any chances.” There are seven active fires in Colorado right now and new ones seem to pop up every day. We had to make this move to try and protect our community. Rye, Pueblo West, Rural, Pueblo City, Beulah, Boone, and State Parks all agreed that this ban, which is stricter than the Governor’s Executive Order. Fireworks vendors in Pueblo County have been personally contacted and advised of the 5:00 PM ban. We would like to encourage everyone in Pueblo County to use the utmost caution when it comes to potential for fire, specifically the activities identified in the Stage II ban.

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